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Most Common Google Searches

#15 Facebook

This guy’s smart but even he can be beaten in popularity as “Facebook” is one of the most common searches with people also searching for the terms “fb” and “Facebook Login”.

#14 Justin Bieber

Maybe it’s because we all secretly want his hair (or his voice). It could also be due to Selena Gomez Googling him to look at his photos when he’s away.

#13 iPad 2

Everybody wants one – including college students who are totally broke – and even if you do have one, you still want to read about it in case there’s some miraculous feature you’ve missed.

#12 Steve Jobs

A creative innovator and entreprenuer that has been missed since the announcement, Steve Jobs is still inspiring youth in the technology industry and also raising the question for Apple as to what’s next.

#11 Adele

In our hearts, she’s one of the most talented musicians in the world which is why her popularity is extremely high in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

#10 Xbox

With it’s accessories lifting off in sales by the day and rumors heavily swirling around about a new generation console, the Xbox has been an extremely common search and will continue to be as news slowly leaks out about the Xbox 720.

#9 Hologram

Thanks to Coachella and the surprise return of Tupac Shakur, the term “hologram” has been buzzing lately with other musicians and festival organizers sounding off on the idea of incorporating them more in concerts.

#8 Casey Anthony

As news never strays too far from major searches, Casey Anthony has been one of the biggest subjects of the past year thanks to her case that send shockwaves throughout televised media.

#7 Battlefield

The anticipation before and the video game add-ons after have made Battlefield 3 one of the most popular topics, which comes as no surprise as it sold nearly 5 million copies in its first week of release.

#6 Kim Kardashian

She’s never been a stranger to the spotlight but in terms of celebrities Kim has been taking it over. She’s the second most searched celeb, sitting right below Justin Bieber and his famous brown locks.

#5 YouTube

Fail videos, viral cartoons, viral videos and sports highlights – we all search for them and often spend numerous hours on YouTube with no real explanation why. If you want a reason, go visit the site. I’m sure you’ll find one after three hours.

#4 Odd Future

Every where you go, Odd Future always seems to be in your view. From launching a new merchandise line to releasing collab/solo albums to re-joining their long lost friend Earl Sweatshirt, the hip hop group are always making sure they’re heard.

#3 Rebecca Black

Some people love her, some people hate her but almost all of us have searched for her. Though a majority of her fans are younger, many of them have been trying to keep up with the artist to see what song she’ll be covering next.

#2 Adam Yauch

A recent tragic event, the former Beastie Boys’ member unexpectedly passed away after his fight with cancer and since then, hundreds of celebrities have posted a tribute to the late “MCA”, whether it’s through tweets or cover songs at concerts and other performances.

#1 Twitter

Everywhere you go, Twitter’s right there. As it mixes different platforms – including the popular mobile app Instagram – and features thousands of celebrities and notary figures, the social networking platform has exploded in popularity and doesn’t seem to be flailing.

μέσω Twitter – Most Common Google Searches.

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